MYGALE Supplies single make chassis for Formula 4 South East Asia

5.3 mins

Sepang / Kuala Lumpur, 13 Dec 2015 – After the recent announcement of the FIA-certified Formula 4 South East Asia Championship, promoters Asian Autosport Action Group  today previewed the brand new championship race car at Sepang. On hand to preview the Formula 4 South East Asia Championship (F4SEA) racecar was YM Tunku Datuk Mudzaffar Tunku Mustapha, Chairman of the Automobile Association of Malaysia (AAM) and Tan Sri Mokhzani Tun Mahathir, Chairman of the Sepang International Circuit. Also present at the event were Peter Thompson, Chairman of AAA.

Set to supply the 20 chassis for the championship is French racing car manufacturers, MYGALE, in line with the championship’s vision of one-team, one-make and one-cost concept. Leveraging on the company’s long racing history, MYGALE will deliver the 20 chassis for the championship, a global first as all the cars will be identical. The carbon-fibre monocoques are the safest in the world with the highest levels of innovation in terms of safety.

An FIA single organisation championship, like its predecessor AsiaCup series, theF4SEA championship is designed with the objective of ensuring a cost-effective transition into formula racing. Utilising F1’s race points award system, each of the top five successful drivers eill earn valuable FIA Super License points. The only one of its kind in South East Asian, the entry-level single-seater racing championship will become an important boost for talent development in the region.

“The FIA Formula 4 South East Asia is a unique ‘one’ concept: one team, one make, one data for one low cost. This gives a real basis for all those young drivers who want to progress from go-karts. As an important first step on the ladder towards higher levels of motorsport, it is an international-standard project supported by the FIA providing a great opportunity for young talents to experience and leverage on the same international development platform as any other country in the world. Using the FIA homologated carbon monocoque chassis supplied by MYGALE coupled with our extensive experience in training and developing drivers, the concept works but can always be improved. The 2016 FIA Formula 4 SEA championship will cost 100,000 Euros for up to 30 races supporting F1 and earning drivers FIA Super License points.” – Peter Thompson
“The highest levels of innovation in terms of safety have been added to the chassis for the FIA Formula 4 South East Asia. What is unique also is that the chassis will be identical whether run in Australia, China or Europe. The FIA requested our chassis to be compatible with FIA standards with front and rear impact-absorbing structures. This includes anti-intrusion side panels, roll hoops, removable seat, head restraint, wheel restraint cables, on-board fire extinguisher, retractable steering wheel and column, for instance.” – Bertrand Decoster
“We have a long relationship with MYGALE and are confident that the chassis will perform perfectly and that it will be suited for the Formula 4 South East Asia Championship. It is a very safe chassis and that is key. MYGALE also indicates that the F4 chassis will be technically advanced, which also means extremely safe for the driver. In Asia the most important thing is that everything is equal and the car is cost-effective. With the Formula 4 South East Asia Championship concept, the financial barrier from karting to other racing formulae is removed. Thanks to MYGALE the latest existing technology is applied to the chassis, making our F4 SEA championship cheaper than most international kart championships.” – Firhat Mokhzani

Certified by the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) with the AAM as the lead FIA affiliate, the Formula 4 South East Asia Championship is an upgrade of the current AsiaCup Series format, which will commence from 2016. The season is provisionally scheduled to commence from July with rounds in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan and India. The full calendar will be announced at a later date.