Hammering the Inside Line

4.8 mins

Formula 4 South East Asia (F4 SEA) – fueled by Petron – is at the tail end of the 2017-18 Championship and what an amazing season it’s been so far, with thrilling on-track action and overtaking moves from the best and brightest up-and-coming motorsport stars.

In preparation for the final event of the season from 13-15 April, driver coach Faisal Asri shows us the best line to take at the world-famous Sepang International Circuit.

Turn 1 & 2

Obviously Turn 1 is a great place to start; it’s wide enough for three F4 cars to go around side-by-side. Preceding Turn 1 is a very long straight which will be used to ‘draft’ other drivers down the straight as they prepare to overtake the car ahead of them. Drafting is a move that allows drivers to stay in the slip-stream of the car ahead.

The follow-through is Turn 2. If the racer is confident enough, he can actually go around the outside of Turn 1 and end up on the inside of Turn 2. It’s not the easiest manoeuvre to attempt but it can work.

Turn 4

Next up is Turn 4. If the racers did not manage an overtaking manoeuvre coming out of Turn 2, they should be right behind each other navigating Turn 3 and then dive into Turn 4 to take the position.

Turn 5 & 6

Turns 5 and 6 are single-file corners and there is generally no overtaking. Some drivers can muster the courage to go on the outside of Turn 5 and then push their car into the inside line of Turn 6.

Turn 7 & 8

Turns 7 and 8 similarly, are tough spots to overtake. I’ve not seen any overtaking there in F4 SEA and If I’m not mistaken, the only driver to attempt it was Eshan Pieris and even he spun-off doing so.

Turn 9

Turn 9 is a second-gear corner that involves hard braking. Any corners with hard braking like Turns 1, 4, 9 and 15 are easy overtaking spots.

Turn 11

In event 4, we saw Ugo De Wilde make a pass on Turn 11, which is a rare move. When we coach drivers, we tend to tell them to take a late apex and to be wary of giving room on the inside. Hence, sometimes Turn 11 provides the opportunity for a daring over-taking move.

Turn 12, 13 & 14

Turn 12 would be a simply ludicrous spot to consider an overtaking manoeuvre! Turn 13 and 14 is not an easy pass, as drivers start braking from the apex, aiming for the outside. Get the braking and turn-in right and you will be right under the rear wing of the front car. Draft down the back straight and Turn 15 is where you claim your prize.

Turn 15

The tip for Turn15 is to just dive in. Turn 15 is negatively cambered to allow such a pass.

The Formula 4 South East Asia Championship is at the forefront of expanding and nurturing young, up and coming motorsport talent from in and around the region, while building an Asian Autosport Ecosystem to benefit the economy for decades to come.

With a Track Record for giving athletes an equal yet competitive edge, the value-for-money single operator F4 SEA championship competes on some of the most stunning circuits in South East Asia.

The winner of the 2017-18 F4 SEA Championship will be crowned at the final event between 13-15 April at the Sepang International Circuit supporting the Malaysian Championship Series (MCS). Be sure to follow our social media platforms in order to keep up to date with all the latest happenings.