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  • What is the FIA and the ASN?

    The FIA (Federation Internationale de l’Autosport) is the world’s motorsport governing body. Each country has its own FIA affiliate, its national motorsport association, called the ASN. The Automobile Association of Malaysia are the lead ASN for the Formula 4 SEA championship.

    To find the ASN in your own country, please see the link http://www.fia.com/members.

    The FIA Code establishes the rules and regulations under which national and international motorsport events are run. All FIA championships are subject to a homologation process for race cars and components, to regulate the specification and control safety.

  • What is Formula 4 and why should I join?

    In 2014 the FIA introduced Formula 4 as the first official step on their professional career path to Formula 1, via F4, F3 and F2.  Currently there are 12 global F4 championships including Formula 4 South East Asia.

    It is important for young participants to be associated with the official world body of their chosen sport, to ensure safety and recognition. One of the FIA superlicence championships, F4/SEA allows drivers to collect points towards an F1 superlicence. The first F4 champion to reach F1 is Canadian driver Lance Stroll driving for the Williams F1 team.  

  • Why Formula 4 South East Asia?

    Formula 4 South East Asia offers fantastic value for money, with at least 30 races in up to six countries: Malaysia (Sepang circuit), Singapore (Marina Bay circuit), Indonesia (Sentul circuit), Philippines (Clark circuit), Thailand (Buriram circuit), Taiwan (Pembay circuit) and India (Madras circuit).

    The championship organiser and engineering services provider have over 30 years of motorsport experience and two decades of regional knowledge. With 36 FIA championship titles up to and including GP2 Asia, our drivers have graduated to F1 and have won every GT Asian championship. More recently Earl Bamber won Le Mans and Takuma Sato and Alexander Rossi won Indy 500.   Our passion is creating motorsport heros and helping young drivers to achieve their dreams.

  • What is the minimum age and licence

    The driver must have turned 15 years old before the first race and must possess the minimum licence to compete in the Asia Zone F4 SEA, a National C. International C licence-holders are also acceptable. If you are under 15, you are allowed to participate in F4 testing.

  • When does F4 SEA start?

    The season lasts for six months annually.  The 2017 championship was run from September to February. The 2018 championship is planned for July to December 2018.  Please click the link to the 2017 calendar

  • What is the cost of Formula 4 South East Asia?
    • Euro €100,000 for the full 30-race championship: race car and race engineering service, coaching, 3 sets of slick tyres per event
    • Testing €3,850 per day with a mimimum of 3-hours track experience and including one set of slick tyres
    • Registration Fee €5,000
    • Where an event of the championship supports the World Championship F1 Grand Prix, there may be a surcharge.
    • Wet Tyres (if required) €1,000 per set
    • Accidental Damage: parts charged at cost only (see parts catalogue link).  The Driver is required to maintain an accidental damage deposit of €2,500.
    • Hotels, air fares and local transportation at Driver’s own cost.
  • Do I have to buy my own car? What engine and chassis does F4 SEA use?

    The team owns the race cars and engines which it maintains and provides to each driver as part of the Championship Fee.  We use the 2-litre FIA-homologated naturally-aspirated 4-cylinder engine with 160bhp and an FIA F4 homologated chassis.

  • What about tyres?

    Our tyre specification is:

    • Front 180/550/13
    • Rear 240/570/13

    The driver does not need to purchase slick tyres as they are included in the Championship Fee, and the regulated number of tyres is 3 sets of new slick tyres for each 6-race event.  Should wet tyres be required for a wet race, the driver must purchase one set of wets at €1000 per set per race, or as nominated by the Race Director. 

  • Does the Team arrange my Flights/Hotels/Food and Beverage?

    Drivers must reserve and pay for their own flight and hotels. Lunch and refreshments are provided at the track throughout the day – drivers can have breakfast and dinner at their hotel. Drivers must also arrange their own transport to and from the hotel and circuit.  In each Event Bulletin the team will provide advice and hotel options and drivers can avail of any group/corporate discount.

  • What happens if my car is damaged?

    We have an experienced team of specialists trained to carry out all repairs in order to get the driver back in action as soon as possible.  If damage is too extensive to repair in time for the next race, we carry one spare car which a driver can use.  The team will do their utmost to ensure no driver ever has to miss a race due to accidental damage.

  • What happens if my car is damaged in an incident caused by another driver?

    Any damage caused to a driver’s nominated race car, whilst under the control of the race driver, must be paid for by the race driver. 

    Irrespective of who caused the incident, each driver must pay for damage to their own car.  We charge parts at cost only, without any labour fee to repair the damage, and we ensure the car is ready for the next race.  If necessary, we carry one spare race car.

  • What about Insurance?

    The driver is required to take out personal accident Sportsman insurance. We can adivse on a policy for under €2,000 per annum. We do not require racecar on-track insurance, however each driver is responsible for paying his own crash damage (parts only).

  • What is the basic race package?

    In return for the race fee of €100,000 the Organiser provides the following:

    • Up to 30 minutes free practice at each event
    • Up to 30 minutes qualifying at each event 
    • Up to 6 races per event (between 50 and 60km per race)
    • Race car and engine 
    • Race mechanic, race engineer and driver coaches providing driver debrief
    • Open access to all drivers’ data, including historic data 
    • Three sets of new slick tyres per 6-race event
    • (Wet tyres billed at €1000 per set if needed. F1 support events may be subject to different regulations)
    • F&B at the track
  • What is the basic test package?

    In return for the test day fee of €3,850, the Organiser provides the following:

    • Up to 3 hours on track (or 300 km)
    • Race car and engine
    • Race mechanic, race engineer and driver coaches
    • Open access to all drivers’ data, including historic data
    • One set of new slick tyres (Wet tyres or extra set slick tyres at €1000 per set)
    • F&B at the track
    • Full engineering and driver coach debriefing
  • Do I have to participate in all pre-season testing?

    You can take one day testing, or a package of several days. Check the link for new test days which will be published as soon as they become available.

  • Can we make alterations to the cars?

    The FIA have created the F4 one-make championship to ensure equality for all drivers. As Formula 4 South East Asia is a one-concept championship, all cars have a standard set-up. Drivers are only allowed to change front and rear wing aero as well as front and rear anti-roll bars. No other modifications are allowed. If the Chief Engineer adapts a driver recommendation, any such modification will be applied to all cars.

  • What about driver cockpit ergonomics?

    The team will make a custom seat for each driver and adapt pedals, steering and instruments to each driver’s needs and requirements.

  • What about driver training – can I bring my own coach?

    The championship fee includes all mechanics, race engineers and driver coaches. Our experienced championship-winning staff provide all the basic training needed. Following each session, the engineers and driver coaches will provide de-briefing for each driver.  We have comprehensive race notes to assist each driver.

    The driver is not normally allowed to bring his own driver coach however the Organiser will consider an alternative driver coach provided he works with the team, follows the instructions of the team at all times, and is responsible for training and de-briefing at least two additional championship drivers.

  • Will I have my own Engineer and Mechanic?

    Each driver will have their own dedicated ‘number one’ Mechanic and will share a ‘number two’ Mechanic. 4 Team Engineers, 4 Chief Mechanics and 4 Driver Coaches assist and debrief each driver, plus an overall Chief Engineer, Chief Coach and Chief Mechanic. Drivers are encouraged to liaise with all engineers and coaches for a fully comprehensive de-brief.

  • Do I have access to Race Data and On-Board Cameras?

    F4 SEA regulations state that all drivers must have access to all race data and all on-board camera footage. Therefore you will have access to all your competitors race and engine data, which you can analyse against your own data, and vice versa to learn from each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

  • What is the qualifying procedure and which driver goes out first?

    For Free Practice, each driver utilises his best set of used tyres from the previous race event. The fastest lap in free practice determines the driver’s pit lane exit position for the start of the qualifying session.

  • What is the championship points scoring system?

    FIA F4 South East Asia Driver Championship Points will be earned from each race based on the FIA F1 scoring system:

    1) 25 points 6) 08 points
    2) 18 points 7) 06 points
    3) 15 points 8) 04 points
    4) 12 points 9) 02 points
    5) 10 points 10) 01 points
    • In the case of a 6-race event, 3 additional points will be awarded to the Driver who sets the fastest Qualifying time for Race 1 and Race 4 of each weekend
    • 3 additional points will be awarded to the Driver who starts in Pole Position for Race 2 by virtue of having the fastest lap recorded in Race 1
    • 3 additional points will be awarded to the Driver who starts in Pole Position for Race 5 by virtue of having the fastest lap recorded in Race 4
    • Three (3) additional points will be awarded to the Driver who wins Race 2
    • Three (3) additional points will be awarded to the Driver who wins Race 5
    • One (1) point will be awarded in each race to the Driver who sets the fastest lap time in a race
    • The final race results will be posted only after the Scrutineer has completed the post-race vehicle inspections, including adjustments for penalties and once endorsed by the Chairman of the Stewards
    • Drivers who have not fulfilled their financial obligations to the Promoter within the timeframe provided by the Race Director shall be classified as Guest Drivers and will not be awarded any Championship or FIA points.  However they will be allowed to receive ‘Star Event Driver’ championship points as awarded after the last race at each event.
    • There may be a dropped score policy which allows for a number of race scores to be dropped in the final standings for each registered Driver. The dropped score policy will be notified by way of a bulletin prior to the first event.
    • Drivers who participate in one event (or a number of single events) are automatically classified as Guest Drivers and are not entitled to receive points or prize money.
    • Upon completion of the last race of the Championship, the Driver with the highest number of points in the final Driver classification of the F4 Southeast Asia Championship, based on the FIA F4 points scoring system, will be awarded the title of:  Formula 4 SEA Driver Champion.
  • What about Super Licence Points?

    F4/SEA is one of the championships in the FIA Superlicence points system, whereby drivers can collect points towards an FIA Superlicence. FIA Superlicense points certificates will be awarded to the top 7-placed Drivers in the final classification of the Championship, as follows:

    1) 12 points 5) 03 points
    2) 10 points 6) 02 points
    3) 07 points 7) 01 points
    4) 05 points
  • How will the race starting grid be determined?

    In a 6-race event the first and second fastest qualifying laps will determine grid positions for Race 1 and Race 4.  The fastest laps in Race 1 create the grid positions for Race 2, while the grid positions for Race 3 are determined by the finishing positions of Race 2 with 50% of the grid reversed.  Race 4 grid positions will be based on the drivers’ second fastest qualifying laps, while Race 5 start is determined by the fastest laps of Race 4 and the grid positions of Race 6 are the finishing positions of Race 5, with the top 50% of the grid reversed. (Please see the F4/SEA Regulations on this website).

  • How long is each race?

    Each race lasts approximately 25 minutes in accordance with the FIA regulations which determine that an F4 race must be at least 50km and not more than 60km in length.

  • What are the Technical specifications?

    Please refer to the technical regulations on this website

  • What’s next after F4?

    Specifications have yet to be announced for 5 regional F3 championships to be introduced, which will be referred to as ‘FIA F3 Regional’ and/or ‘FIA F3 Light’ championships.  It is believed they will be similar to the British BRDC F3 Championship, based on an upgraded F4 chassis, and will offer an intermediate step between Formula 4 and the European F3 Championship.  Together with FIA F3 European series, the rebranding of GP2 to FIA F2 completes all the steps to F1.