2017-18 F4 SEA first collective tests – F4SEA

2017-18 F4 SEA first collective tests

Preparations for the second season of the Formula 4 South East Asia (F4 SEA) Championship – certif...

Season 2 gets going with first collective tests at Sepang

Kuala Lumpur, Wednesday, 15 June 2017 – Preparations for the second season of the Formula 4 South East Asia (F4 SEA) Championship – certified by the FIA has gone into full swing with the conclusion of the first pre-season collective tests.

Held at the 5.543km-long Sepang International Circuit, the three-day collective test session held from 12 to 14 June was focused on engineering and technical provisions for the FIA F4 homologated race cars. The participation of rookies at the test also allowed some of the young drivers the opportunity to familiarise themselves with formula cars.

There are plans for another collective test session ahead of the start of the season with the calendar expected to be announced in due course.

These tests are vital!

After a strong debut season for the championship, it is vital for us to ensure that our preparations for the second season covers every single technical aspect. This is the reason why we do a lot of preparatory work at these collective tests. These tests are vital to test all our systems and overall, it was a very productive session. Peter Thompson
F4 SEA Organiser

The six-event 2017-18 F4 SEA season is expected to kick off in September with rounds in key South East Asian venues. As the most comprehensive and cost-effective F4 programme, the F4 SEA is the only FIA driver development championship in South East Asia. The championship provides young racers with 30 race starts, extensive track time, experienced engineers and coaches with shared data to build their motorsport careers. Most importantly, F4 SEA drivers begin to collect their FIA Super Licence points on this first FIA step to F1 in Asia. The same as our colleagues in F4 European Championships.

Formula 4 SEA

Is F1 your dream? FIA F4(Formula 4 SEA) is the first step! F4SEA is a 30 race 5 event championship, designed to transition karters to formula racing. The championship focuses on training young drivers while supporting events like Formula 1 and Asian Le Mans.