Engineering the MAG’s

3.3 mins

The 2018 season of the Formula 4 South East Asia (F4 SEA) Championship – fueled by Petron – is right around the corner but before that its time for the 2017 MERITUS Awards Gala or the MAGs as it’s known. In the second edition of the annual black-tie affair, MERITUS.GP is looking to profile and promote more of its talented engineers and mechanics. But why are they so important?

Engineers are to motorsports as thunder is to lightning – they go hand in hand. However in the traditional setting of most award gala’s, it’s the stars (or drivers in this case) who warrant most of the attention and rightly so, but it’s the job of mechanics and engineers to keep their race machines constantly purring.

The 2018 MAGs has been revamped slightly to reflect these hardworking individuals. The MAG’s will be including more and more new categories such as Best Mechanic and Best Engineer. Rest assured, the addition of new categories is by far just the beginning as MERITUS has big plans for the future.

But why is it that we are honouring engineers and mechanics in the upcoming MAG’s? The answer is wonderfully simple, the building of a self-sustaining Asian Autosport Ecosystem. Consider the headline figure in 2012: the United Kingdom motorsport engineering and services industry had a turnover of £9 billion (MYR 47.9 billion)! That is certainly a lot of money from cars going in circles, however consider the fact that it takes an unfathomable amount of engineering talent and know-how just to make those cars go around a circuit faster than anything else on earth.

Just as the British motorsport industry is in full blossom, it’s about time that the Asia follows suit, with an Asian Autosport Ecosystem based in Malaysia. MERITUS.GP has this goal firmly in mind. They are looking to create and export amazing local expertise such as the talented and dedicated engineers of the Formula 4 South East Asia Championship.

But all these initiatives takes time and the first step toward realizing that goal is by rewarding and congratulating the amazing work accomplished by the skilled force of engineers and mechanics. Please be sure to follow the MAG’s Live on http://fiaf4.asia/MAGs_2017 on the 8th of June 2018 at 9.30pm. The MAG’s will be brought to you Live from Studio 1, All Asia Broadcast Centre, Bukit Jalil.