Sam Grimes

1.4 mins

The younger of the Grime brothers, Sam, just like his older sibling has upheld his love for speed and cars ever since a young age. Sam was inspired when he saw a grid full of youngsters his own age zooming around a mini circuit at break neck speeds behind the wheel of karts.

Clichéd as it may appear to sound, the teen really does look up to the likes of F1 drivers such as Lewis Hamilton in the hopes of imitating his lead and fearless example of reaching for the stars.

But it’s not easy or cheap to transition from karts to open wheel formula racing.

“It’s a cost effective option for karting drivers in Asia to get their first taste for single seaters and learn the ropes. It’s a great stepping stone into moving from a semi-professional karting career to a professional seat in the future, as it provides you with the skill set necessary and the visibility (F1 support races!).” said the teen on the merits of F4.