Nazim Azman

1.8 mins

A native and resident of the capital city of Malaysia, Nazim Azman comes from a family of four brothers.

His mother is a writer. Asked where his desire for racing came from, Nazim is quick to reply “that’s easy. My dad!”
Growing up, Nazim quickly inherited his businessman father’s keen interest in racing in almost any form. He comes to the race track with his AirWheel in tow, manoeuvring the one-wheel scooter with the dexterity of a wizard.

For Nazim, it all started in 2011 when he began go karting, convincing his family that he was ready to compete the following year.

Still excited with the memory of his first race, Nazim recalls, “I was second at one point in that race but then I had a crash and only managed to finish eighth. It was a pity, but overall since I started I have learned a lot.”

That was evident when he notched several podium finishes in his debut season in the AsiaCup Series in 2015.  Nazim has since competed in Formula 4 championships in South East Asia, Spain and Italy.  He made history by becoming the first Malaysian to win an F4 support race at the 2017 Finale of the Malaysian Grand Prix.

This young man will go far – watch this space!