Keanon Santoso

1.6 mins

Like all young aspiring drivers, Keanon started gokarting in 2009 in the hope of fuelling an ambition for racing, which he explains quite simply as, “a love of speed. I love it when you get the adrenalin rush especially when overtaking someone in a race.”

Hailing from a family who passionately embrace motorsport, Keanon’s source of inspiration is none other than his distant relative, Rio Haryanto.

Like Indonesia’s first Formula 1 driver, Keanon has chosen to take his path into the single-seater formula racing world with Peter Thompson and Firhat Mokhzani, the same team who shaped Rio’s humble beginnings.

Keanon is also acutely aware at first hand of the dangers and the reality of motorsport and explains “Rio worked really hard to get to F1 and never once gave up in spite of the challenge and adversity.”

It’s hard to discount Rio’s courage and tenacity, which have earned the youngster a healthy respect amongst what can at times be an unforgiving Formula 1 fraternity. He sets an excellent example for Keanon to follow in his footsteps and we hope to see a lot more of this young driver in the future.