Isyraf Danish

1.7 mins

The youngest of three siblings, Isyraf shares his love of motorsport with his father. And that love was enough to pave Isyraf’s path into the sport – albeit virtually with the video-game version – before eventually transitioning to racing go-karts in 2015.

Unlike his compatriots who are perhaps more seasoned, Isyraf is undeterred and is already adamant about his career path as he explains “I want to focus on being like my hero Sebastian Vettel.” Isyraf admires how Sebastian earned four straight world championship crowns and many Formula One records and became the youngest pole-sitter, winner and champion in F1 history, pointing out that the German started his career while still a teenager,
having taken up karting in 1995 at a local kart track in his native village of Heppenheim.

Evidently Isyraf’s father does not share his son’s admiration for the F1 champion as, while watching any F1 race on TV, the patriarch cheers only for Briton Lewis Hamilton!
Isyraf’s dream is that “I may have the same luck and smooth path to F1 as Sebastian.” The birth of the F4/SEA comes at the right time for Isyraf who is committed to familiarising himself with the F4 cars and intensifying his training.