Gabriel Cabrera

1.7 mins

Gabriel Antonio Tayao Cabrera, or simply “Gabe” as he is known amongst his racing peers, friends and family began his career in much the same way his fellow competitors did, in go-karts.

Gabe explains, “I had already had this dream of racing go-karts since I was 7 years old, but I did not know where to go.” Through the tenacity of his family, who encouraged and paved the way for the youngster, Gabe has stormed his way through the region’s go-kart scene, with a very long list of accolades to his name since debuting in 2011.

His success has not gone unnoticed with media representatives, journalists and reporters following his every career move. Despite all the attention, the young 16-year-old remains incredibly humble and more importantly,

While his family provides an astonishing amount of support and encouragement as he pursues his racing dream, they also insist he keeps up with his schoolwork. According to the Manila-born lad, his school friends also keep him grounded even if they prefer mainstream sports like basketball to motor racing.

Gabe feels a mix of excitement and nervousness in his debut formula racing season, especially with one event taking place on home soil at Clark International Speedway.