Adam D’Agostino

1.4 mins

Adam D’Agostino has from the north of Toronto in Canada and lives and breathes for the sensation of speed and adrenaline.

The six-foot-two racer started off his journey in the fast lane by getting acquainted with motocross and the Canadian Snowcross Series in his native land. This invariably kicked off his pursuit of speed, but Adam was hungry for more.

“When I’m in the in car, it’s just me and the machine” says the young Canadian.

F4 SEA is a great series to kick off his racing career as it is reasonably priced and allowed him to find his groove in open-wheel formula racing.

D’Agostino is a manic fan of the pinnacle of motorsport – Formula One, and admires drivers such as Kimi ‘The Iceman’ Raikkonnen.  He looks forward to the day when he too will be able to pilot an F1 car.

“Set your goals high and work your way up till it becomes a reality” he advices young interested racers.