Drivers – F4SEA


We believe in the F1 dream, and all our young drivers are on the way. Check out all the F4 SEA drivers below, and keep up with the rising stars in the world of formula racing.

Kezia Santoso

The elder of the two Santoso siblings, Kezia is one of only a handful of females involved in the sport, and is quick to understand the seemingly overwhelming disadvantage she’s put herself in. “I think people think of it [racing] as a man’s sport and that motivates me to overcome those challenges,” she explains.

Having achieved considerable success in go-karts, Kezia made the switch to single-seater formula cars with the Formula 4 South East Asia Championship in 2016. Like the other debutants, her first time was all about getting comfortable, something she explains like a pro, “it is all about gaining confidence. With more track time, I get more comfortable.”

Drawing inspiration from her favourite race car driver, Max Verstappen, the 18-year old lass explains, “I like his work ethic a lot and really admire what he has already achieved as an F1 driver. It is truly inspiring.” Hard to deny that as they youngster has already made waves not just in F1 but across the motorsports spectrum.

Of her dreams and ambitions, Kezia keeps it straightforward and simple, “to get as far as I can in racing.” She doesn’t confine herself to any specific racing genre but keeps an open mind about options, going on to note “I want to try different types of race cars, like touring cars.”

Formula 4 SEA

Is F1 your dream? FIA F4(Formula 4 SEA) is the first step! F4SEA is a 30 race 5 event championship, designed to transition karters to formula racing. The championship focuses on training young drivers while supporting events like Formula 1 and Asian Le Mans.