Drivers – F4SEA


We believe in the F1 dream, and all our young drivers are on the way. Check out all the F4 SEA drivers below, and keep up with the rising stars in the world of formula racing.

Eric Louis

Eric Louis Pragasam’s racing career began with winning a funkart outing at Sunway Lagoon’s Extreme Park in Malaysia. He explains, “after my time in the funkart against the other drivers, the guys told my dad that I was really good!”

That single event would prove to be a turning point for 9-year-old Eric whose family then began to take his racing more seriously. It did not, however, happen instantaneously as it would be another five years before he would begin competing.

A larger-than-life personality, Eric enjoy the attention from his school mates, saying “generally everyone supports me but I know that some of my friends are a bit jealous.

A huge basketball fan, NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers’ LeBron “King” James is one of Eric’s biggest sporting heros, “to me, he is the best athlete ever!” In Formula 1, Eric counts Lewis Hamilton as his idol and wants to be like the two-time Formula 1 World Champion. “He wears his heart on his sleeve, which is a quality I really like about Lewis,” explains Eric.

In 2015 Eric was lucky enough to meet Lewis, after winning an online competition “It was such an awesome experience to meet him and he told me: ‘A lot of people will tell you to give up and stop racing, don’t listen to anyone. Just keep racing as long as your parents support you’,” smiles Eric.

Formula 4 SEA

Is F1 your dream? FIA F4(Formula 4 SEA) is the first step! F4SEA is a 30 race 5 event championship, designed to transition karters to formula racing. The championship focuses on training young drivers while supporting events like Formula 1 and Asian Le Mans.