Drivers – F4SEA


We believe in the F1 dream, and all our young drivers are on the way. Check out all the F4 SEA drivers below, and keep up with the rising stars in the world of formula racing.

Akash Gowda

“It all started when my family and I went fun-karting and as it turned out, I was actually quite good and people started appreciating me,” was how 18-year old Akash Gowda describes how his passion for racing was ignited.

Some would say that Akash is perhaps already genetically predisposed to racing with a father who himself competed in national rallying events and remains an avid motorsports enthusiast. Harish Gowda was Akash’s first talent scout, having identified and recognised his son’s talent. Training then began in earnest. Akash notes, “It was also around this time that the AKC was announced with races happening around the country. I was prepared for the challenge and my father wasted no time in enrolling me for the races, despite the limited training and exposure.” At the AKC Akash took his first step in his racing career.

While Akash loves the sheer exhilaration of racing, he is game for any kind of sport. “I just love all kinds of physical activity, it really does not matter what as long as my body is always active, I’m good with that. I have always loved speed, and I don’t think there is another sport that is as interesting as racing, in every aspect – from the physical and mental strength required. And there is so much more to learn and do in racing as compared to other sports.”

Formula 4 SEA

Is F1 your dream? FIA F4(Formula 4 SEA) is the first step! F4SEA is a 30 race 5 event championship, designed to transition karters to formula racing. The championship focuses on training young drivers while supporting events like Formula 1 and Asian Le Mans.