2018 Event 6 Race 1

2.2 mins

With Thailand’s Shepherd on pole position and his championship rival Alessandro Ghiretti alongside him, we knew the sixteenth race was going to be a thriller from the start, but it was Alister Yoong who put a smile on our faces as the red lights went out. The Malaysian had a phenomenal start off the line in the fourth race jumping into first coming down the main straight!

At the third corner Alessandro had a look down the inside of Kane, then dived around the outside locking his brakes as Alister blocked him out and he switched back to the inside line, coming out of the corner with a little more speed and getting alongside Kane down the straight to turn 4.

Musyaffa tried to capitalize on the battle between Thailand and France in front of him but couldn’t keep up as Alessandro found a way past Kane and started putting the pressure on Alister. The Malaysian car number 22 locked up into turn 3, setting up Alessandro to pounce on him through turn four with Kane Shepherd and Muizz Musyaffa following suit.

That put Alister Yoong just ahead of Antoine Potty who was determined to finish on the rookie podium! The two drivers swapped positions back and forth the entire race as Shepherd and Ghiretti consecutively set the fastest lap all weekend breaking into the 1:43.5’s.

But when the chequered flag waved it was Ghiretti, Shepherd, Musyaffa, Yoong, Potty. Unfortunately, after the race we learned that Alister Yoong received a 30 second penalty for jump start putting him back in P6.


Pos Driver Time
1) Kane Shepherd K. Shepherd 1:44.246
2) Alessandro Ghiretti A. Ghiretti 1:44.249
3) Muizz Musyaffa M. Musyaffa 1:44.636
4) Antoine Potty A. Potty 1:45.236
5) Alister Yoong A. Yoong 1:45.287
6) Luke Thompson L. Thompson 1:45.476
7) Ryo Komikado R. Komikado 1:45.585
8) Sandy Stuviq S. Stuviq 1:46.065
Pos Driver Time Fast Stat
1) Alessandro Ghiretti A. Ghiretti 26:08.643 1:43.564
2) Kane Shepherd K. Shepherd 26:14.309 1:43.667
3) Muizz Musyaffa M. Musyaffa 26:17.356 1:44.008
4) Antoine Potty A. Potty 26:24.717 1:44.370
5) Luke Thompson L. Thompson 26:42.207 1:45.585
6) Alister Yoong A. Yoong 26:54.091 1:44.592
7) Ryo Komikado R. Komikado 27:16.014 1:46.219
8) Sandy Stuviq S. Stuviq 17:47.679 1:45.333