2018 Event 5 Race 2

1.6 mins

Race 2 kickstarted Saturday morning here at the Buriram International Circuit but as the lights went out the yellow number 23 collided with a stalled car. Alessandro Ghiretti managed to avoid the incident and all the drivers were ok. The marshal’s red flagged the session as the two cars were removed and the rest of the grid reset to restart the race.

From their original starting positions, the grid sped off the line once again. Luke Thompson had a phenomenal start going around the outside of the pole sitter down the main straight and taking P1 at Turn 1. Kane Shepherd and Alessandro Ghiretti were immediately embroiled in a fight for podium positions

The duo carved up the pack through the next corners with Alessandro finding his way to first yet again. But Thailand’s Shepherd got separated from Ghiretti at one of the corners allowing the Frenchman to build a 1.5 second lead.

Although Kane was the only man in the 1:43’s during the final test session, this session Alessandro was just to fast and as the chequered flag waved it was France, Thailand and Belgium as Antoine Potty rejoined his comrades on the podium.


Pos Driver Time
1) Sandy Stuviq S. Stuviq
2) Ryo Komikado R. Komikado
3) Luke Thompson L. Thompson
4) Alister Yoong A. Yoong
5) Antoine Potty A. Potty
6) Muizz Musyaffa M. Musyaffa
7) Kane Shepherd K. Shepherd
8) Alessandro Ghiretti A. Ghiretti
Pos Driver Time Fast Stat
1) Alessandro Ghiretti A. Ghiretti 20:58.821 1:44.178
2) Kane Shepherd K. Shepherd 21:02.028 1:44.470
3) Antoine Potty A. Potty 21:11.169 1:45.311
4) Alister Yoong A. Yoong 21:21.585 1:45.130
5) Luke Thompson L. Thompson 21:52.833 1:46.008
6) Sandy Stuviq S. Stuviq 1:45.815 DNF
7) Muizz Musyaffa M. Musyaffa DNF
8) Ryo Komikado R. Komikado DNS