2018 Event 3 Race 2

3.6 mins

Race two saw Alister Yoong in P2 of the reverse grid, just behind Japans Ryo Komikado, the Malaysian had a good start jumping up to first, but Irishman Luke Thompson had a great start! Moving from third to challenge Yoong for the lead through the first few corners with Muizz following right on his tail. Unfortunately for the Malaysian there wasn’t enough space as Aidan Wright made a move around the outside and he ended up going through the grass as Alessandro Ghiretti went around Shepherd.

Thompson challenged Yoong for the lead over the next few laps, as the Race one winners carved their way through the pack to catch up to the Malaysian and Irishman. Luke tried several moves but couldn’t make anything stick on the rookie driver in front of him and the battle had allowed the blue cars behind them to catch up. So now Thompson had Ghiretti breathing down his neck.

It wasn’t long before the Frenchman made a spectacular move up the inside of turn six and side by side through the sweeping right U-turn of turn seven, pushing Luke off the racing line and onto the grass where he went airborne before rejoining behind Shepherd.

Six down one to go, Ghiretti set his sights on young Alister Yoong. The Malaysian had been driving beautifully, but the Race one winner is ridiculously fast around Madras and as our driver coach Sandy Stuviq says

“Alessandro is really really strong under braking, Kane has the better exit in some corners, but Alessandro is really pushing the limit with his braking and that’s where he’s finding the time.”

So it wasn’t long before Ghiretti found a way past the yellow car in front of him. The Frenchman carried a lot more speed through the first corner and got down the inside through turn two, where we’ve seen a lot of overtaking, just before Kane went past side by side through turn 3 and Aidan Wright tried a move at the kink.

Alister managed to defend from Australia’s Aidan Wright that time around, but after a stellar drive defending from more experienced drivers the Malaysian ultimately had to settle for P5 as the chequered flag waved Ghiretti the winner once again ahead of Shepherd and Musyaffa.

But the actions not over yet, there’s one more race to go to decide the event champion and with Ryo and Alister on the front line again, it’ll be interesting to see what they’ve learned, so make sure to tune into the live stream: http://fiaf4.asia/2018_Live_Race-9


Pos Driver Time
1) Ryo Komikado R. Komikado 1:37.901
2) Alister Yoong A. Yoong 1:37.969
3) Luke Thompson L. Thompson 1:38.657
4) Muizz Musyaffa M. Musyaffa 1:38.520
5) Aidan Wright A. Wright 1:38.748
6) Antoine Potty A. Potty 1:38.758
7) Kane Shepherd K. Shepherd 1:40.249
8) Alessandro Ghiretti A. Ghiretti 1:40.685
Pos Driver Time Fast Stat
1) Alessandro Ghiretti A. Ghiretti 00:25:07.949 1:38.713
2) Kane Shepherd K. Shepherd 00:25:10,144 1:38.722
3) Muizz Musyaffa M. Musyaffa 00:25:22.789 1:39.411
4) Luke Thompson L. Thompson 00:25:27.006 1 :39.163
5) Alister Yoong A. Yoong 00:25:38.169 1:40.417
6) Ryo Komikado R. Komikado 00:26:18.261 1:40.852
7) Aidan Wright A. Wright 00:15:26.352 1:39.356 DNF
8) Antoine Potty A. Potty 00:06:37.730 1:41.268 DNF