2018 Event 2 Race 2

4.5 mins

It’s a bright and sunny day here at the Sepang International Circuit for the Formula 4 South East Asia Championship – fueled by Petron. The FIA-certified championship has just completed its second race of the weekend supporting the Malaysian Championship Series (MCS).

With the winning grid from Race 1 completely reversed, Canada’s Adam D’Agostino found himself in pole position for the 1050 hours start, followed by Timothy Yeo in car #10 with Liam Lawrence behind him. The drivers headed out for their formation lap and took their starting positions below the four red lights.

And they were off! Adam led the pack down the field but Timothy behind him found the pace and took the Canadian at the first corner. As the field went past Turn 3, Aidan Wright and Muizz Musyaffa overtook Adam as well. Luke too was charging fast, however the Irishman spun off in the heat of battle. As the drivers negotiated Turn 15, D’Agostino lost his grip and spun off, but recovered immediately and rejoined the race in seventh place.

Up ahead it was none other than Malaysia’s Timothy Yeo who was in the lead by almost a full second ahead of compatriot Muizz Musyaffa. However French-national Alessandro Ghiretti was chasing hard for second. Kane Shepherd and Aidan Wright too were inches away from each other, going neck and neck into turn 1, with Kane making it to the corner first.

By the fifth lap Timothy, Muizz and Alessandro were locked in a fierce battle for the lead. The trio swapped positions constantly but Ghiretti took the lead with Muizz was just inches away.

Timothy fell back a tenth, which meant that he was embroiled in a new three-way fight with Kane and Aidan. The Thai lad ultimately took the lead in that battle, resigning Aidan to fight with Antoine Potty who had risen up from the mid-field.

Muizz and Alessandro’s duel for the lead had become the focus of the race as they swapped positions back and forth, diving into corners and locking up their brakes in their efforts to keep pace. However in the heat of the moment, Muizz lost his footing and spun off just before entering the back straight thus gifting the lead to the Frenchman.  A crushing blow for the Malaysian.

By the last lap, with Kane in second place and catching up to the leader, the fight was on. One last time these two gladiators battled for the flag at the eleventh hour. But Alessandro was just too quick and took the chequered flag with a best time of 2:15.552. Belgium’s Antoine Potty joined the speedy duo on the podium as victors of Race 2. The seventh-place starter fought hard and valiantly amidst tough competition. The Hamoir-native will be sure to savour the victory.

Racing just doesn’t get any better than this. More edge-of-your-seat action awaits you as these fearless speed tamers take to the haloed circuit one last time this weekend. The third race will be streamed Live at 1525 hours (GMT+8) Sunday the 15th of July via the F4 SEA Facebook page and http://fiaf4.asia/2018_event-1_race-6_fb_live . Live timing of the race will be made available at https://livetiming.getraceresults.com/. For more updates on the championship please visit https://formula4.asia/.


Pos Driver Time
1) Adam D’Agostino A. D’Agostino
2) Timothy Yeo T. Yeo
3) Liam Lawrence L. Lawrence
4) Aidan Wright A. Wright
5) Muizz Musyaffa M. Musyaffa
6) Luke Thompson L. Thompson
7) Antoine Potty A. Potty
8) Alessandro Ghiretti A. Ghiretti
9) Kane Shepherd K. Shepherd
Pos Driver L1L2L3L4L5L6L7L8L9L10L11
1) Alessandro Ghiretti A. Ghiretti 2:21.4142:16.6142:15.948`2:15.7372:16.3422:15.6942:15.5522:16.1712:17.1902:15.7112:15.614
2) Kane Shepherd K. Shepherd 2:21.2132:16.3512:17.2022:16.1042:16.1112:17.3332:16.5622:15.1822:15.5722:15.0032:15.023
3) Antoine Potty A. Potty 2:24.0852:16.4652:15.4632:16.3242:15.7562:16.9482:16.9242:15.5032:15.6912:15.8842:17.374
4) Timothy Yeo T. Yeo 2:20.9542:16.7622:16.6132:16.8612:18.2032:17.6012:18.5142:17.3882:18.7732:16.8702:16.765
5) Aidan Wright A. Wright 2:21.4242:17.1562:17.5992:17.9462:16.9432:16.5862:17.2352:17.0852:17.7272:16.5802:18.911
6) Muizz Musyaffa M. Musyaffa 2:21.7202:16.5202:15.8572:16.0152:17.7852:15.0772:15.4402:16.0242:40.5392:15.6482:15.131
7) Adam D’Agostino A. D’Agostino 2:32.9962:17.3332:18.1802:17.7462:16.9252:17.0062:23.4082:17.8132:17.6452:16.6602:17.081
8) Luke Thompson L. Thompson 2:44.8632:16.4332:16.2652:16.7192:17.2752:17.0162:16.7212:17.8912:16.9042:17.8162:17.062
9) Liam Lawrence L. Lawrence 2:28.7522:19.3782:20.9372:19.1452:19.7732:18.9692:19.0902:20.6642:19.1962:19.2382:19.614
Pos Driver Time Fast Stat
1) Alessandro Ghiretti A. Ghiretti 25:06.286 2:15.552
2) Kane Shepherd K. Shepherd 25:06.522 2:15.003
3) Antoine Potty A. Potty 25:10.732 2:15.463
4) Timothy Yeo T. Yeo 25:17.551 2:16.613
5) Aidan Wright A. Wright 25:18.472 2:16.580
6) Muizz Musyaffa M. Musyaffa 25:29.202 2:15.077
7) Adam D’Agostino A. D’Agostino 25:34.684 2:16.660
8) Luke Thompson L. Thompson 25:38.916 2:16.265
9) Liam Lawrence L. Lawrence 25:47.649 2:18.969