2017 Event 5 Race 5

3.2 mins

The penultimate race of the final event of the Formula 4 South East Asia Championship here at the sunny Sepang International Circuit was poised to be spectacular.

After a flawless formation lap around the 5.543km Super Circuit, the drivers lined up before the four red lights, ready to launch.

After a great start off the line, Hibiki Taira led the formation down to the first corner with fierce competition trailing him inches away. The Okinawan held his ground until Presley Martono snatched the lead away in Turn 15.

Hibiki Taira on the other hand, lost his pace and fell to seventh position by the second lap. The following lap saw talented athletes swap positions as they found new overtaking opportunities, while Nazim Azman inched his way to second place behind Martono.

Martono meanwhile was pulling away from the five-way battle brewing behind him. Azman, Ghiretti, Cao, Isyraf and Muizz were locked in for battle. The heat was on.

In his eagerness to keep the pace, Isyraf Danish nearly lost control of his machine but kept it in control. Frenchman Ghiretti mounted a charge on Azman and stole the second spot from him.

The heart-stopping action was unceasing as the youngsters continued to push their talents to the limits in this penultimate race of the final event. Isyraf kept attacking at Cao’s heel to take fourth position away from the Shanghai-native. Armand Johany on the other hand, spun off into the gravel coming into Turn 6.

By the final lap, every single driver was pushing hard to claim invaluable forward positions. However as the chequered flag waved, it was none other than 2016 F4 SEA Champion, Presley Martono who took the flag home for Indonesia.

Alessandro, Nazim, Isyraf, Muizz and Cao settled for second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth respectively in this edge-of-your-seat scrimmage for the flag.

“F4 SEA has been great. It’s been a wonderful weekend of racing here at Sepang and I’m looking to the last race of the season” said the 2016 Overall Champion

F4 SEA is the embodiment of wheel-to-wheel action affording the opportunity to witness amazing feats of racing to drivers and spectators. The event finale will be coming to you Live on the F4 SEA Facebook page at 1555 hrs (GMT +8). Please follow our various social media platforms to keep up to speed with the Championship.  


Pos Driver Time
1) Hibiki Taira H. Taira 2: 14.526
2) Nazim Azman N. Azman 2: 14.534
3) Presley Martono P. Martono 2: 14.573
4) Kane Shepherd K. Shepherd 2: 14.594
5) Alessandro Ghiretti A. Ghiretti 2: 14.600
6) Isyraf Danish I. Danish 2: 14.690
7) Muizz Musyaffa M. Musyaffa 2: 14.870
8) Daniel Cao D. Cao 2: 14.983
9) Luke Thompson L. Thompson 2: 15.536
10) Timothy Yeo T. Yeo 2: 15.769
11) Armand Johany A. Johany
12) Arsh Johany A. Johany
Pos Driver Time Fast Stat
1) Presley Martono P. Martono 20:24.464 2:14.723
2) Alessandro Ghiretti A. Ghiretti 20:28.837 2:15.174
3) Nazim Azman N. Azman 20:32.694 2:15.334
4) Isyraf Danish I. Danish 20:32.943 2:15.361
5) Muizz Musyaffa M. Musyaffa 20:33.716 2:15.295
6) Daniel Cao D. Cao 20:34.026 2:15.196
7) Luke Thompson L. Thompson 20:40.142 2:16.112
8) Hibiki Taira H. Taira 20:49.643 2:17.967
9) Arsh Johany A. Johany 20:50.391 2:17.423
10) Armand Johany A. Johany 16:13.750 2:16.884 DNF
11) Timothy Yeo T. Yeo 7:21.351 2:17.250 DNF
12) Kane Shepherd K. Shepherd 7:22.675 2:20.781 DNF