2017 Event 5 Race 3

2.8 mins

Formula 4 South East Asia has returned to the haloed asphalt of the Sepang International Circuit for the final event of the 2017-18 Championship.

With the second race of the weekend done and dusted, the eager field of excitable drivers took their spots on the starting grid. The grid for Race 3 was determined by the fastest times from race 2, with the top 50% reversed.

However, in the in the minutes preceding the start of the race, the dark overcast sky turned to rain and in the process drenched the track. Some drivers elected to race with wet tires while the rest filed out clad in slick rubbers.

As the five red lights went out, it was a great start off the line with Kane Shepherd taking the lead. The drivers were forced to take it relatively easy as the track was very slippery.

By the second lap, Kane was 3.9 seconds ahead of the rest of the field, revelling in the damp conditions.

Alessandro Ghiretti meanwhile managed to inch his way past Presley Martono to claim the second spot; a position he held fiercely amidst strong competition.

After a handful of spins and recoveries on the damp track, the drivers got the hang of the weather and identified the fastest way around the 5.543km long Super Circuit. Pole sitter Luke Thompson even managed to spin ‘360’ and re-join the race in the same position.

Speaking of the Irishman, Luke successfully manoeuvred his machine past the F4 SEA 2016 Champion to claim the third spot by an impressive lead.

Up front, Kane led the field comfortably throughout. However, Frenchman Ghiretti was never far behind.

Trailing the Frenchmen was Luke Thompson, Presley Martono and Daniel Cao. By the final lap, the trio, who had bunched up, were three wide at Turn 15.

The chequered flag waved Kane Shepherd the victor once again as the speedy Thai took home the win, followed by Ghiretti.

Presley Martono succeeded in stealing the third spot on the podium. Daniel Cao and Luke Thompson settled for fourth and fifth respectively.


Pos Driver Time
1) Luke Thompson L. Thompson
2) Kane Shepherd K. Shepherd
3) Isyraf Danish I. Danish
4) Alessandro Ghiretti A. Ghiretti
5) Presley Martono P. Martono
6) Hibiki Taira H. Taira
7) Muizz Musyaffa M. Musyaffa
8) Hibiki Taira H. Taira
9) Armand Johany A. Johany
10) Timothy Yeo T. Yeo
11) Arsh Johany A. Johany
12) Nazim Azman N. Azman
Pos Driver Time Fast Stat
1) Kane Shepherd K. Shepherd 22:05.610 2:24.458
2) Alessandro Ghiretti A. Ghiretti 22:07.974 2:23.759
3) Presley Martono P. Martono 22:34.049 2:22.467
4) Daniel Cao D. Cao 22:38.118 2:25.665
5) Luke Thompson L. Thompson 22:38.242 2:26.660
6) Isyraf Danish I. Danish 22:45.883 2:23.169
7) Hibiki Taira H. Taira 22:45.904 2:23.363
8) Timothy Yeo T. Yeo 22:55.180 2:22.391
9) Nazim Azman N. Azman 22:55.253 2:21.936
10) Armand Johany A. Johany 23:04.791 2:26.664
11) Muizz Musyaffa M. Musyaffa 23:27.240 2:23.350
12) Arsh Johany A. Johany 23:40.444 2:28.169