2017 Event 5 Race 2

3 mins


Following the intense action-packed kick-off to the Championship finale at the ultra-modern Sepang International Circuit, the Formula 4 South East Asia Championship fueled by Petron returned for the second race.

And it was a great start for Daniel Cao who took the reins of the race from the get go, while Presley and Isyraf fought each other for the second spot. The Shanghai-native began to pull away from the field and by the third lap he was more than two seconds ahead.

Kane Shepherd meanwhile fought the mid-field after a slow start, gifting Isyraf, Ghiretti and Hibiki forward positions.

Muizz gave his all as he fended off Hibiki Taira in a mid field packed with wheel-to-wheel action.  Up front, a battle royale between Presley and Ghiretti saw them fight to the teeth for second position, snaking each other on the straights in the hopes of getting ahead.

Cao led the grid by 4.5 seconds by the sixth lap, followed by Presley, Alessandro, Isyraf and Kane who were locked in on each other.

The foursome swapped positions a few times as they battled each other. Presley was forced to push his machine to the limits of grip just to keep ahead of the advancing trio behind him.

As the chequered flag waved Cao the victor of the second race with a time of 2:12.888, it was 2016 F4 SEA Overall Champion Presley Martono who crossed the line in second while Ghiretti, Danish and Shepherd crossed the line in third, fourth and fifth respectively, ending their inch-perfect scrimmage for the flag.

“It was great race even though I felt that my start could have been better. But I will always try to improve and do better in the next race!” said a grinning Cao.

The never-ending action is just part and parcel of the attraction of the Formula 4 South East Asia Championship. With the second race leaving audiences at the edge of their seats, the third is set to be a heart stopper at 1445 (GMT+8). Be sure to catch all the action as we bring it to you live on Facebook. Please follow the F4 SEA various other social media platforms to keep abreast with the Championship.



Pos Driver Time
1) Daniel Cao D. Cao 2:13.407
2) Kane Shepherd K. Shepherd 2:13.419
3) Presley Martono P. Martono 2: 13.842
4) Nazim Azman N. Azman 2: 14.606
5) Muizz Musyaffa M. Musyaffa 2: 14.810
6) Isyraf Danish I. Danish 2: 14.898
7) Alessandro Ghiretti A. Ghiretti 2: 14.936
8) Hibiki Taira H. Taira 2: 15.191
9) Luke Thompson L. Thompson 2: 15.195
10) Armand Johany A. Johany 2: 15.731
11) Arsh Johany A. Johany 2: 15.965
12) Timothy Yeo T. Yeo
Pos Driver Time Fast Stat
1) Daniel Cao D. Cao 2:12.888
2) Presley Martono P. Martono 2:13.454
3) Alessandro Ghiretti A. Ghiretti 2:13.232
4) Isyraf Danish I. Danish 2:13.525
5) Kane Shepherd K. Shepherd 2:13.261
6) Luke Thompson L. Thompson 2:14.410
7) Muizz Musyaffa M. Musyaffa 2:13.815
8) Hibiki Taira H. Taira 2:14.143
9) Armand Johany A. Johany 2:14.286
10) Timothy Yeo T. Yeo 2:14.594
11) Arsh Johany A. Johany 2:15.390
12) Nazim Azman N. Azman DNS