2017 Event 5 Qualifying 1

2.4 mins

The early morning free practice kicked the drivers into top gear and was followed by the much-awaited qualifying session. The fastest times determine pole position for the upcoming first race while the second fastest lap recorded in this session will set the grid for the fourth race, slated for Sunday.

The first couple of laps saw the drivers take it easy as they probed the track for the fastest line around it, each hopeful of setting a blistering lap time.

Presley Martono initially led the field and proceeded to systematically crack down on his lap times. Daniel Cao, Muizz Musyaffa, Nazim Azman and Kane Shepherd followed a similar train of thought.

By the fourth and fifth laps it was Cao on pole with Shepherd in tow. Meanwhile Presley was busy defending his position from a fast-encroaching Muizz.

Rookie Armand Johany however, was pushing his machine to the limits in the pursuit of time. He overshot Turn 5 and 6 on two occasions.

Unsurprisingly, it was none other than Hibiki Taira who fought his way from the mid-field to steal pole position away from his peers with a time of 2:13.185. Similarly, Muizz managed to set a scorching time that landed him in fourth.

Daniel Cao and Kane Shepherd clocked in second and third with times of 2:13.430 and 2:13.468 respectively. The top 8 drivers finished off the session with a margin of just seven-tenths.

Unfortunately, a steward’s inquiry discovered loose ballast in the pole-sitter’s car, and relegated Taira to fourth as a result. Cao was gifted pole position with Kane in second and Malaysia’s Muizz Musyaffa in third. 

If the action from qualifying is any indicator, the fifth and final event is slated to be a heart-stopper!


Pos Driver Time Fast Stat
1) Daniel Cao D. Cao 2:13.430
2) Kane Shepherd K. Shepherd 2:13.468
3) Muizz Musyaffa M. Musyaffa 2:13.512
4) Hibiki Taira H. Taira 2:13.564
5) Presley Martono P. Martono 2:13.621
6) Alessandro Ghiretti A. Ghiretti 2:13.624
7) Isyraf Danish I. Danish 2:13.877
8) Nazim Azman N. Azman 2:13.898
9) Timothy Yeo T. Yeo 2:15.050
10) Luke Thompson L. Thompson 2:15.341
11) Armand Johany A. Johany 2:15.790
12) Arsh Johany A. Johany 2:15.971 6