2017 Event 4 Race 3

1.9 mins

As in the first two sessions, the first corner of race 3 was amazing. The field got away smoothly as the red lights went out and Kane squeezed into the lead with Mitchell in close second and Shanghai-native Daniel Cao just behind him. Pole-sitter Adam Khalid was incredibly unlucky, damaging his wing while battling through the first 3 corners.

Kane led from there, building a gap of 4 seconds until lap 7 when Eshan and Hibiki collided uphill into turn 9, landing both drivers in the gravel trap. A steward’s inquiry found Hibiki at fault and penalised him.

The safety car came out and bunched up the field, closing the impressive gap Kane had built.

2 laps later the crash at turn 9 had been cleaned up and we watched in awe as Kane prepared for a 1 lap sprint to the podium. As the race resumed and Kane seemed to lose power going down the main straight, and dropped back to 8th.

This opened the door for the Malaysian Rookies behind him. Mitchell Cheah seized the opportunity and flew into the lead around the first few corners with Muizz right behind and the duo crossed the line in 1st and 3rd with Daniel Cao 2nd.

However, an incident on turn 4 caused Muizz to be penalized by ten seconds, sending him back to 6th  place and gifting his position Aaron Love, who was followed by Alister Yoong in 4th.


Pos Driver Time
1) Adam Khalid A. Khalid
2) Kane Shepherd K. Shepherd
3) Mitchell Cheah M. Cheah
4) Daniel Cao D. Cao
5) Hibiki Taira H. Taira
6) Eshan Pieris E. Pieris
7) Aaron Love A. Love
8) Ugo De Wilde U. D. Wilde
9) Benson Lin B. Lin
10) Muizz Musyaffa M. Musyaffa
11) Liam Lawrence L. Lawrence
12) Luke Thompson L. Thompson
13) Alister Yoong A. Yoong
Pos Driver L1L2L3L4L5L6L7L8L9
1) Hibiki Taira H. Taira 2:22.0622:15.2752:15.8962:16.8832:15.331
2) Kane Shepherd K. Shepherd 2:19.7862:14.9162:14.9352:15.0312:14.9572:14.7242:31.3173:25.5772:31.649
3) Benson Lin B. Lin 2:21.1362:16.3242:15.9662:15.7552:16.0412:16.4502:24.8753:23.1412:19.294
4) Alister Yoong A. Yoong 2:23.1742:17.3762:16.9002:18.9722:16.1942:17.1962:26.5123:12.2342:18.965
5) Muizz Musyaffa M. Musyaffa 2:22.3552:17.9472:16.1042:15.3212:16.1502:17.3722:22.2973:22.4842:17.241
6) Ugo De Wilde U. D. Wilde 2:20.5192:15.6242:15.9632:15.3642:15.3352:15.1492:28.1423:23.6843:10.872
7) Mitchell Cheah M. Cheah 2:20.2772:15.9912:15.9172:15.7162:15.3052:14.8332:28.4613:24.5762:17.968
8) Eshan Pieris E. Pieris 2:21.3952:16.2522:15.7582:15.0032:16.487
9) Luke Thompson L. Thompson 2:21.8912:20.0602:20.5222:19.5882:22.1812:18.7862:20.2603:08.2432:18.784
10) Daniel Cao D. Cao 2:18.7842:15.4052:15.0682:15.2882:15.4522:15.1932:28.6313:24.7222:18.553
11) Aaron Love A. Love 2:21.9842:16.2642:16.0582:16.1662:17.6192:17.2402:21.9183:23.5802:18.307
12) Adam Khalid A. Khalid 2:22.6582:15.6942:15.6102:15.8052:35.1183:40.9952:32.120
13) Liam Lawrence L. Lawrence 2:15.0722:28.8762:18.2262:18.2222:19.3462:27.7712:51.8222:23.886
Pos Driver Time Fast Stat
1) Mitchell Cheah M. Cheah 21:51.717 2:14.833
2) Daniel Cao D. Cao 21:52.099 2:15.068
3) Aaron Love A. Love 21:53.501 2:16.058
4) Alister Yoong A. Yoong 21:55.037 2:16.194
5) Luke Thompson L. Thompson 21:55.909 2:18.784
6) Muizz Musyaffa M. Musyaffa 22:02.669 2:15.321
7) Benson Lin B. Lin 22:03.717 2:15.755
8) Kane Shepherd K. Shepherd 22:05.125 2:14.724
9) Liam Lawrence L. Lawrence 22:25.116 2:18.222
10) Ugo De Wilde U. D. Wilde 22:44.957 2:15.149 DNF
11) Adam Khalid A. Khalid 17:59.689 2:15.610 DNF
12) Eshan Pieris E. Pieris 11:28.603 2:15.003 DNF
13) Hibiki Taira H. Taira 11:28.918 2:15.275 DNF