2017 Event 2 Race 4

2.6 mins

Fresh off his victory in Race 3, Daniel Cao continued his dominant performance in Race 4.

The Chinese teenager was peerless from the start, shooting in front from pole position as soon as the race was flagged off.

He was never challenged for the lead and easily claimed his third win of the weekend in 24:55.847s.

But it was the fight for third and fourth which once again captured the imagination of the fans.

Kane Shepherd started fourth on the grid and dropped to eighth after a poor start but he wasn’t going to stay there for long.

The Thai driver put the pedal to the metal and was up to sixth after the second lap.

Local drivers Ben and Sam Grimes were battling for second spot behind the dominant Cao with Malaysia’s Adam Khalid applying pressure.

Sam, however, spun his car on lap four leaving Adam in third with a fast-approaching Shepherd closing in on Shivin Sirinarinthon of Thailand, whom he passed on lap five.

From here on it was a battle of wits between Adam and Shepherd for third place.

It was also on this lap that another Malaysian driver Timothy Yeo passed Sirinarinthon and Luke Thompson to move into fifth position.

The order remained until the final lap where the real action took place.

With Cao and Ben coasting to the top two positions, Shepherd continued looking for holes in Adam’s defence.

He finally found one in Turn 3 when Adam went a little too wide.

Just as he was about to overtake the Malaysian, Adam came back in only to be hit by Shepherd.

Adam crashed out while Shepherd, who was cleared of any wrong doing by the stewards, claimed his third podium finish of the weekend.

He also won the trophy for the highest placed rookie.

Yeo, meanwhile, claimed fourth place with Sirinarinthon fifth and Thompson sixth.


Pos Driver Time
1) Daniel Cao D. Cao
2) Ben Grimes B. Grimes
3) Kane Shepherd K. Shepherd
4) Sam Grimes S. Grimes
5) Adam Khalid A. Khalid
6) Timothy Yeo T. Yeo
7) Luke Thompson L. Thompson
8) Shivin Sirinarinthon S. Sirinarinthon
Pos Driver Time Fast Stat
1) Daniel Cao D. Cao 24:55.847 1:56.307
2) Ben Grimes B. Grimes 25:07.857 1:55.953
3) Kane Shepherd K. Shepherd 25:15.410 1:56.642
4) Timothy Yeo T. Yeo 25:16.475 1:57.250
5) Shivin Sirinarinthon S. Sirinarinthon 25:18.327 1:57.637
6) Luke Thompson L. Thompson 25:21.267 1:57.671
7) Adam Khalid A. Khalid 23:12.982 1:57.414 DNF
8) Sam Grimes S. Grimes 5:54.179 1:57.354 DNF