2017 Event 2 Race 3

2.8 mins

Adam Khalid was on pole for Race 3.

The Malaysian rookie earned that position as there was a reverse grid for the top four drivers from Race 2.

That meant Race 2 winner Daniel Cao started fourth, runner-up Sam Grimes was third, and Kane Shepherd who was third, started second with Adam who was fourth, on pole.

Next on the grid were Timothy Yeo, Luke Thompson, Shivin Sirinarinthon and Race 1 winner Ben Grimes, who had crashed out of the second race of the weekend.

Thompson’s car stalled at the start of the formation lap, and had to begin the race from the pit lane.

Cao edged ahead of Kane to move to third, behind Sam and Adam at the start.

The Chinese driver, pushing hard, overtakes the Filipino to move into second in the penultimate corner of the first lap.

Ben’s lightning start saw him move up three places to fifth and by the second lap, slipped past his brother to go fourth, before moving into third position by the third lap.

Cao, meanwhile, continues to pressure Adam, and finally passes him to take the lead.

Adam has to defend against a fast charging Ben, with Shepherd close behind.

Ben finally gets past Adam on the sixth lap and starts chasing down Cao.

Adam, having dropped two spots, now has a fight on his hand as Shepherd is determined to make it three podium finishes in a row in the Philippines.

The Thailand driver makes up plenty of ground round the corners but loses out on the straights.

The battle for third is as intense as the fight to finish sixth as Thompson recovers brilliant to catch up on Sirinarinthon.

In the end, Cao’s speed proves too much for the rest as he takes home the win in 25:10.781s, nearly 10 seconds ahead of Ben.

Adam holds on to third spot for his first podium finish of the Championship.

Shepherd finishes fourth, followed by Yeo, Sirinarinthon and Thompson. Sam didn’t complete the race as he had issues with his car.


Pos Driver Time
1) Adam Khalid A. Khalid
2) Kane Shepherd K. Shepherd
3) Sam Grimes S. Grimes
4) Daniel Cao D. Cao
5) Timothy Yeo T. Yeo
6) Luke Thompson L. Thompson
7) Shivin Sirinarinthon S. Sirinarinthon
8) Ben Grimes B. Grimes
Pos Driver L1L2L3L4L5L6L7L8L9L10L11L12
1) Daniel Cao D. Cao 1:56.2951:56.5591:55.6071:55.8531:55.8891:56.0121:55.7311:56.1391:55.7021:55.9991:55,9841:56.319
2) Ben Grimes B. Grimes 1:55,6211:56.5221:56.2171:56.3311:56.4581:56.2321:56.7481:56.6031:57.1481:56.9801:57.0341:58.272
3) Adam Khalid A. Khalid 1:57.3561:56.4311:57.0611:56.4311:58.1241:57.2531:57.4901:58.2691:57.4381:57.0241:57.0211:57.333
4) Kane Shepherd K. Shepherd 1:57.4131:57.2921:56.7081:56.6501:56.9181:57.1081:57.4951:59.3791:56.7591:56.5791:57.5191:56.912
5) Timothy Yeo T. Yeo 1:57.0711:56.6301:57.5141:57.0601:57.7981:57.3181:57.4321:57.1801:57.3071:57.7171:58.0411:57.784
6) Shivin Sirinarinthon S. Sirinarinthon 1:57.6741:57.6301:57.8111:57.7991:58.0781:58.1201:58.3231:57.5181:58.6551:57.9231:58.3051:58.147
7) Luke Thompson L. Thompson 1:58.5011:57.5831:57.8011:57,5721:57.7891:57.5661:57.5831:57.3731:57.1221:56.5071:57.3531:57.789
8) Sam Grimes S. Grimes 1:57.0321:56.1162:26.8771:56.2821:56.4971:56.948
Pos Driver Time Fast Stat
1) Daniel Cao D. Cao 25:10.781 1:55.607
2) Ben Grimes B. Grimes 25:20.546 1:55.621
3) Adam Khalid A. Khalid 25:24.679 1:56.431
4) Kane Shepherd K. Shepherd 25:24.955 1:56.579
5) Timothy Yeo T. Yeo 25:29.870 1:56.630
6) Shivin Sirinarinthon S. Sirinarinthon 25:37.555 1:57.518
7) Luke Thompson L. Thompson 25:37.698 1:56.507
8) Sam Grimes S. Grimes 14:09.916 1:56.116