Alizada’s first test with F4 SEA

3.5 mins

As in Malaysia, the visit of the Formula 1 Grand Prix circus generated huge national sporting interest with the youth on the streets of Baku and Javidan Alizada is the first Azerbaijanian to seek a professional race driving career.

Formula 4 South East Asia – fueled by Petron – is the Asian stepping stone for aspiring racers who have their sights set firmly on professional careers at the top levels of the sport in Formula 1, LMP1, GT1 and Formula E.  The F4SEA Promotors have already established a record for training drivers and have seen ten of their winners graduate to the highest echelons of motorsport.

Alizada’s love for motorsport was kindled when he was just an eight-year-old in Baku. He really enjoyed the thrill of speed and his childhood friends encouraged him to pursue his dream and represent his country as a motorsport ambassador.

Having initially followed a karting pathway, Alizada choose Sepang and Formula 4 South East Asia to mentor him and to provide the essential steps on the ladder to F1.

“I googled how to get started in racing. With the help of my friend and manager, I was introduced to F4 SEA,” Alizada explained.
“I flew to Kuala Lumpur and headed to the Sepang International Circuit for my test. I just could not believe the opportunity I was blessed with. I never thought I would get to drive one of these amazing race cars!” added the 23-year-old Baku-native.

While Alizada was not the quickest in testing, which can be attributed to severe jetlag and exhaustion, he did however achieve the Championship’s goal of lapping the Sepang F1 track in under 2.2.20 minutes. In fact his lap time of 2.2.17 on the first day was very impressive – this time would not normally be expected until at least the third day of testing.

“If I had more test sessions, I could l do so much better. I didn’t get to show my true potential. However the open data concept is very good. I can see exactly where I made mistakes and I learned how to correct them,” he continued.
“This test was supported by F4SEA as I had only a small budget to travel and participate in the FIA F4 on the Sepang world-class circuit.  It is a great championship and God willing, with the help of my government, I will compete in and win F4SEA one day. I have to say, it was a completely amazing and awesome experience,“ concluded Javidan Alizada.