Adam dreams of victory in F4 SEA

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Adam Khalid has set his sights on more podium finishes at the FIA Formula 4 Southeast Asia (F4 SEA) Championship, fueled by PETRON Corporation.

The Malaysian surprised everyone when he finished fourth overall in the second event of the Championship held over the weekend at Clark International Speedway.

In the six races in the Philippines, Adam placed fourth in the opening two races and third in Race 3.

“It was a wonderful feeling getting on the podium. It was only my third race in F4 SEA. I was getting a good feel of the car,” said a delighted Adam.
“Daniel and Ben were the dominant drivers and it was real difficult to get past them so I was just happy to defend my position.”

Adam was on his way to a second podium finish in Race 4 when he made a mistake on Turn 3 of the final lap which allowed Thailand’s Kane Shepherd a chance to overtake.

Just as he tried to close the opening, Shepherd’s car rammed into Adam’s car, resulting in a DNF (did not finish) for the Malaysian.

The crash affected Adam’s subsequent performance and he could only place fifth in the final two races of the weekend.

“I was fuming when Kane rammed into me. I was even more furious when he continued and finished third,” said Adam.
“But I accept this as part and parcel of racing. Mistakes are ruthlessly punished — as I found to my cost.”

He admitted the crash affected him in the subsequent races but he was delighted to have finished fourth overall in his event.

Cao created history by being the first driver to be event champion twice in a season when he collected eight points in the Philippines. He was also event champion in Malaysia.

In the inaugural season last year, there were six different event champions — Daniel Frost of Singapore in Sepang, India’s Akash Gowda at Clark International Speedway, the Philippines, Indonesian Presley Martono at Sentul International Circuit in Indonesia, Aussie Jordan Love in Sepang, New Zealand’s Faine Kahia at Buriram United International Circuit in Thailand and Malaysian Isyraf Danish Mohd Ghazali in Sepang.

For the event championship, points are awarded in order of a driver’s finishing position.

This means first place gives you one point, second place two points, third is three points and so on.

The objective is to get the lowest number of points.

Grimes was second in the Philippines after earning 17 points from two race victories, two runner-up spots, one third place and one DNF. In third and fourth positions were Shepherd and Adam with 19 and 28 points respectively.

Adam skipped the opening event in Sepang due to prior commitments and wants to make up for loss time.

“I was sad to miss the Sepang races, more so as it was one of the support events for the final Malaysian Formula One Grand Prix. It would have been nice to have been there,” said Adam who turns 19 on Oct 12.
“Having had my first taste of F4 SEA, I’m determined to go all out in the coming events. I want to get a couple of victories and more podiums.”



Race 1

1. Ben Grimes (Phi) 25:07.065s
2. Daniel Cao (Chn) 25:08.265s
3. Kane Shepherd (Tha) 25:22.380s
4. Adam Khalid (Mas) 25:24.318s
5. Timothy Teo (Mas) 25:40.148s
6. Shivin Sirinarinthon (Tha) 25:43.230s
7. Luke Thompson (Irl) 25:43.622s
8. Sam Grimes (Phi) DNF

Race 2

1. Daniel Cao (Chn) 25:10.832s
2. Sam Grimes (Phi) 25:19.971s
3. Kane Shepherd (Tha) 25:24.309s
4. Adam Khalid (Mas) 25;32.443s
5. Timothy Yeo (Mas) 25:34.222s
6. Luke Thompson (Irl) 25:34.698s
7. Shivin Sirinarinthon (Tha) 25:51.648s
8. Ben Grimes (Phi) DNF

Race 3

1. Daniel Cao (Chn) 25:10.781s
2. Ben Grimes (Phi) 25:20.546s
3. Adam Khalid (Mas) 25:24.679s
4. Kane Shepherd (Tha) 25:24.955
5. Timothy Yeo (Mas) 25:29.870
6. Shivin Sirinarinthon (Tha) 25:37.555s
7. Luke Thompson (Irl) 25:37.698s
8. Sam Grimes (Phi) DNF

Race 4

1. Daniel Cao (Chn) 24:55.847s
2. Ben Grimes (Phi) 25:07.857s
3. Kane Shepherd (Tha) 25:15.410s
4. Timothy Yeo (Mas) 25:16.475s
5. Shivin Sirinarinthon (Tha) 25:18.327s
6. Luke Thompson (Irl) 25:21.267s
7. Adam Khalid (Mas) DNF
8. Sam Grimes (Phi) DNF

Race 5

1. Ben Grimes (Phi) 25:26.528s
2. Daniel Cao (Chn) 25:30.483s
3. Sam Grimes (Phi) 25:31.201s
4. Kane Shepherd (Tha) 25:36.702s
5. Adam Khalid (Mas) 25:43.553s
6. Shivin Sirinarinthon (Tha) 25:48.092s
7. Luke Thompson (Irl) 25:48.582s
8. Timothy Yeo (Mas) 25:51.594s

Race 6

1. Daniel Cao (Chn) 12:33.808s
2. Kane Shepherd (Tha) 12:36.791s
3. Ben Grimes (Phi) 12:44.507s
4. Shivin Sirinarinthon (Tha) 12:46.779s
5. Adam Khalid (Mas) 12:47.311s
6. Luke Thompson (Irl) 12:47.893s
7. Timothy Yeo (Mas) 12:50.402s
8. Sam Grimes (Phi) 13:23.038s
(Red flag. Race stopped due to bad track conditions)

* DNF = Did not finish