What is F4

1.7 mins
The FIA launched Formula 4 in 2014 (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Formula_4) in order to provide the first step on the federation’s approved motorsport ladder for aspiring racing drivers from 15 years old. For racers looking to create professional careers at the highest levels of the sport the FIA’s established steps provide many bonuses:
  • Links to the FIA and to their approved FIA safety-controlled recognised championships
  • Points towards an FIA Super Licence (Williams F1 driver Lance Stroll started in F4)
  • 15-year-olds can earn their FIA National C licence to transition from karting to formula racing
  • Globally recognised as the best junior driver development programme
The FIA-homologated F4 SEA car is designed to keep costs down while maximising safety, providing an ideal learning platform for young drivers who may have never raced formula cars before. Currently there are 13 global F4 championships. FIA F3 European series, the introduction of F3-Light and the rebranding of GP2 to F2, comprise all the stages on the FIA’s  path to a professional motorsport career. 2014 F4 champion and 2016 F3 champion, Williams F1 driver Lance Stroll is proof of the success of the FIA’s restructured career path since the introduction of the FIA F4 global format.