About us

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The 2019 F4 SEA Championship has 10-events visiting Malaysia, India, Thailand and the Philippines. There are 4 Races each weekend plus Free Practice and Qualifying where the driver gains over 300kms of experience and receives elite training from winning coaches. Each race is live-streamed and TV broadcast to up to 100m households.

The FIA single organiser ‘one’ concept ensures your competitiveness and means all you have to do is arrive and drive:

  • One-team: MERITUS.GP (GP2 Asia Vice Champions)
  • One-make: FIA F4 race car drives race-craft development
  • One-cost: € 100,000 for full service, flights & hotels
  • Open-data: learn from the fastest in the championship
  • One-dream: Win 12 FIA Super-License Points

F4 SEA is unique as it has an open data policy, allowing every driver to check any driver’s data. So you can learn how to improve your race craft from the fastest athlete on the track. Coupled with world-class coaching, this ensures you’re on the pace immediately.