About us

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F4 SEA is one of the global FIA F4 championships, licenced to visit Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Cambodia and India.

Please refer to the calendar for the current race and event format.  Each multi-race event is televised and broadcast to up to 100m households. Operated as a single organiser, single team championship, this concept enables F4 SEA to be a cost-effective transition from karting to formula racing: 

  • One team:    MERITUS.GP is the official team
  • One make: Mygale FIA F4 race car
  • One cost:  €10,000 per event, fixed fee
  • One data:  Open access to all race data
  • One dream:  Win FIA Super Licence points

Globally promoted and locally affordable, F4 SEA provides a regional championship for racers from 15 years old. Track time provides elite learning and race craft opportunities, at the same time minimising travel costs and education disruption. F4 SEA’s single team operation allows drivers open access to all race data – helping  maximise championship success. Track, car and engine data, both historic and current, is accessible to all drivers, engineers and coaches.  Through this sharing of data, all contestants learn from the strengths and weakness of all competitors, accelerating their development and racecraft knowledge.